Dr. Audrey Lehmann, PhD - Therapy & Counseling - Individual, Family, Couples & Children
Therapy & Counseling

Congratulations for taking a step
towards improving your life, your
relationships and yourself.

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist
with over 20 years clinical experience.
I provide therapy for individuals, couples and families. This includes children, adolescents and adults. I also provide workshops and classes.     

I am committed to learning about who you truly are and working with you to make long lasting change. I take an active role in the therapy process by helping you gain insight into patterns in your life. Therapy can also involve weekly homework assignments - this is optional.

My goal as a therapist is to help you reach a greater understanding and compassion for yourself, to heal from painful experiences and to find new ways of coping with stress and interacting with others. I also work with individuals pursuing self-growth and greater                    mindfulness, even when all's well.

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